What Is Stashing?

Stashing is a dating practice recently given its name by Ellen Scott of Metro UK.

It goes right in the dating slang of modern day romance like ghosting, benching, kittenfishing and cushioning

 The dating practice of ‘stashing,’ involves dating someone but hiding them from your friends and family. It slowly daunts on you, the realisation, that you have not met anyone of her family and friends. Although all seems well between the two of you, sex is great and you are having lots of fun together.

It simply could mean that your current squeeze doesn’t think you are marriage material. Hence why they do not bring you into their ‘inner-circle’ – friends and family. You start to feel rubbish. Wondering if they feel embarrassed of you or their feelings for you are not as strong as yours for them or maybe they are hiding something from you.

There is only one way to deal with this, start having a conversation about how to make your relationship more official. Whatever you do, do not stay in a relationship where your partner doesn’t feel proud of showing you off. Because you deserve better than being stashed away and being hidden from everyone.