New Year’s Eve can be the hardest day for singles. It can feel as if everyone has someone to kiss at midnight except you. There are ways to survive New Year’s Eve when single.

Starting with this one thought: Holidays are not a preview of the rest of your life – it just feels like it. Everything at this time of the year is magnified and distorted.

Many couples you see around celebrating, hugging and kissing are actually unhappily paired and just for the night, they slide into this fantasy realm where they pretend everything is all alright.

Sure, it’d be easy to stay home, so at least your heart is in the right place when the clock strikes midnight, but where’s the fun in that?
If you have great friends, they’re not going to let your single butt stay home, no matter what.

Admittingly, being single in a group of couples during NYE is tough, but you can cut your odds of feeling totally out of place by keeping these few things in mind.

1. Don’t announce your single status

Ways to survive New Year's Eve When Single

Don’t blab the entire night about how you are the single one in the group. Honestly, people are so deep in festivity mode, they will hardly notice unless you tell them yourself. So, SHHHH, soak up the moment, don’t mention it and hey the night might turn out pretty swell.

2. Don’t sulk

Ways to survive New Year's Eve When Single

Starting the new year sulking is not a good way to start fresh. You’re single, so what. It’s not the end of the world. Plus fingers crossed you might meet another single, who might be your type. Staying home certainly will lessen your chance of meeting anyone at all.

3. Mingle

Just because you’re single don’t be afraid to mingle and chat. If it gets a bit awkward, use that move where you pretend one of your friends is calling you over.

4. Look sexy AF

Baby, rock it. It’s NYE and you can look as fabulous as you want to. There’s nothing better than looking your best, it’s empowering and you’ll feel amazing too.

With that in mind, this year on NEY have a blast.Let any blues about being single dissipate. Right now, it just happens to be where you are. Not forever. Not always. Who knows what the next year will hold.