Not so long ago … in fact, only 3 years ago, an intimate sexy club in Darlinghurst opened its doors for the first time. The name was OUR SECRET SPOT, and it was run by a sexy couple with a great vision for the Sydney lifestyle, to open a swingers club with a fresh new perspective that soon became the country’s hottest and most popular swingers club.

You see, the owners of OSS, Lawrence and Jess, have just celebrated the club’s third birthday, and as you can imagine, parties don’t come much sexier than a swinger’s club birthday party.

Celebrated not just at home, but internationally, OSS has been responsible for smashing the stuffy myths around swinging, dragging the lifestyle kicking and errr, moaning into the new millennium. We’re talking elite premises, inviting décor, group spa, sex swings, orgy rooms… and nary a bowl or set of car keys in sight!

What Lawrence and Jess have built is nothing short of sensational, catering for swingers, exhibitionists, BDSM aficionados, voyeurs and all in between. The club has been featured regularly in the media, from iTunes podcasts, TV and publications. It is one of the most well known and upmarket venues in the country, a definite on every adventurous couple’s sexual bucket list.

This year’s birthday bash exceeded all expectations; the night was insane, but as always, it was accommodating on every level, for every guest. Whilst some simply chatted away, taking in the sites around them, others lit it up, with threesomes, foursomes, moresomes and other electric sexual adventures taking place. You could not see the walls for hot, naked bodies writhing in sexual bliss.

We could go on, believe us, we want to, but instead we’ll leave you with this short video on OSS, a little inside view of what goes on in one of the planet’s coolest swinger’s clubs.