Dating is not for the weak-hearted.  Especially, true in the landscape of contemporary dating, you’re confronted with ghostingkittenfishing and now Roaching. Roaching is the latest modern dating term.

Dating takes effort and a lot of personal investment, but sometimes when you meet the right person, it’s all worth it. Being honest with each other is ultimately the key to a successful relationship in the long haul. However, while we try to be honest with a partner, the favour is not always returned.

Roaching, a term coined by AskMen, happens when your new dating interest ‘accidentally or on purpose let’s slip that they’re seeing someone else’. And when they are confronted about it, they quickly establish that you never had the ‘exclusive’ talk.

What happen? You just got roached.

The thing is, there’s nothing explicitly wrong with dating around. However, if it is an outcome of dishonesty is just plain disrespectful.

The term ‘Roaching’ comes from the idea that when you see one cockroach, there are a bunch more you don’t see. So, while you are dating this person, they were hiding a number of other crushes, lovers, matches and dates.
While you might not have had the ‘exclusive’ talk, you haven’t either ‘I’m dating other people’. It’s not what they are doing but how they are doing that is offensive.

This whole situation can be avoided with good communication, and honesty. Just let your partner know instead of hiding, avoiding hurting anyone in the process.