Sex is, quite simply, the best way to start the day.

Why not remind yourself how awesomely pleasurable life can be the instant you rise? Morning sex is the best.

Yes, there’s morning breath, messy hair and no fancy underwear, but who cares. These are the reasons why morning sex is the best:

1. It sets you up for the day


Starting your morning with an orgasm is pretty much guaranteed to make the rest of the day go smoothly.

2. Puts a smile on your face

In addition to making you happy by releasing feel good hormones like oxytocin in the brain, an orgasm gives you a boost of good energy—the jolt you need to handle whatever looms ahead with a positive attitude.

3. More focused & productive

You’ve already ticked sex off your to-do list and are now ready to get on with everything else you fancy doing for the day.

4. Better than coffee

Morning sex is better at waking you up than coffee or tea. It peps you right up.

5. Great workout

Too cold, too lazy to get out there and exercise? A roll in the sheets will burn calories and serve as a mini-aerobics session for the day.

6. You’ll feel more confident

After AM sex, you’ll feel on top of the world and you’ll carry that confidence with you throughout the the rest of the day.

7. It’s convenient

You’re both in bed, naked, the mood is set. It just makes sense to have a quick roll in the sheets. As it happens, sex, like most things, is generally better when you’re fresh and well rested anyway.

8. Feels naughty

Needing to leave to work adds that pressing sexy urgency that makes AM romp session hot.

9. Meet yours and your partner’s needs

10. Alone? You can do the same

Wake and wank.

Do you agree that morning sex is the best?