Who doesn’t love a great party? and what bigger party than MARDI GRAS in Sydney THIS Saturday 4th March

Mardi Gras weekend is probably one of the best party weekends in Australia. It’s big, and it’s loud and is for everyone. With every passing year it gets better, it captivates the nation and resonates around the world.

Our Secret Spot club is hosting one of the biggest events of the year


If you’re looking where go for an after party, after the parade, head to Our Secret Spot, because in their own words “the party need not end with the parade”. Judging by the great success of their Pendulum party a few weeks ago, this one is sure to be packed out by hot couples and select sexy bi-singles.

Whether you live in Sydney or are making your way there watching or being part of this energetic and all- inclusive celebration of Australia’s LGBTQI culture is an experience you’re sure to remember.

If you haven’t planned where to go, or if you’re not in Sydney get yourself a plane ticket because this is a party you do not want to miss.