Yet another dating trend to make dating more difficult than it already is. We’ve had Roaching, KittenfishingGhosting and many more fun terms. Now it’s time to learn about d*ck and dash. Have you heard of D*ck and Dash? The term that is making its rounds on the Internet?

The reality is that this dating trend is not new at all, it has been happening since dating started. But is now getting the attention of the Internet. This new dating trend is known by a few different names – hump and dump or hitting and quitting and as you can tell it’s self-explanatory. It’s a trend where the culprit uses someone for sex and then dumps that same person or ghosts them. Either way, it’s not a nice thing to experience on the receiving end. Essentially, your date will shower you with attention and fake affection until the day they get you in bed and move on to ghost you or dump you since their sole objective was to have sex with you.

Have you heard of D*ck and Dash?

This does not classify as a one-night stand or casual hookup because when you’re hooking up both parties are in full knowledge that they are in for a no-strings-attached hookup and then move on.

D*ck and dash is something very different. It’s misleading someone into believing that there’s more to the relationship than just a hookup. That there is a chance for a committed relationship. This is not okay t, it’s playing with their emotions and finishing hurting them deeply.

Have you heard of D*ck and Dash?

Seriously, in today’s day and age, you don’t need to trick anyone to get to have sex with them. Honesty is the best policy unless you want to be known as the dush-bag in town. Women also enjoy casual sex and enjoyed more when they know where they stand.

How do you know if you are about to be being D*ck and dash? If it all seems to true to be true, things are moving too fast and your partner is confessing his undying love for you, we’d suggest tread with caution.

So, before you become emotionally invested in a relationship before it all messing with your mind and emotions, use your gut feeling to decipher what is going on.