Luckily for Isaac Newton, he wasn’t sitting under a melon tree when he discovered the laws of gravity.

Amber Rose proved hers at least do not appear to obey them as she posted a jaw-dropping ad for a backless, strapless bra on Tuesday.

Not a word is spoken in the ten-second clip, nor is there any need.

In it, the 33-year is sat on a bed in full makeup, topless save for the tiny piece of miracle fabric.

Each of the Atlas-esque cups are charged with containing one the video vixen’s enormous breasts, and appear to be doing an impressive job while the camera rolls at least.

Amber pouts as she jiggles them around, while Newton’s third law of equal and opposite reaction somehow keeps the undergarment in place.

But it’s not finished showing off its tricks just yet: taking a deep breath, Rose pulls the drawstring connecting the straining sides, pulling her boobs together for an even higher cleavage.

Desired effect achieved, the mother-of-one then flashes her famous smile.