We’re only 3 days away from welcoming the new year in, the countdown has begun. Set yourself some goals for next year, where you project it to be the best year in dating. Do not let next year’s dating status define you. Embrace your singlehood and feel empowered by it. Here are 9 empowering new year’s resolution for singles.

  1. Take a break from dating apps: Uninstall them for a while and stop the constant swiping. It’s easy to get caught in the swiping game and become cynical about hookup culture. Taking time off apps will give you time for yourself and really look at what is important to you. Look for desirable qualities for a great date.
  2. Show yourself some love: Buy yourself some nice clothes, a nice ring and look at your reflection with love and less criticism. Do everything that makes you feel good and positive. You are number ONE priority. 
  3. Make a relationship a choice: Live the life you enjoy, the life that makes you happy, and see who you stumble upon because they already like what you like. Don’t make the relationship a goal, make it a choice.

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  1. Spend time with female friends: If you don’t have a group of female friends already, start making friends.  These group of female friends make your support system to guide you through your life struggles and dating troubles. Let them be your compass, sometimes we need someone looking in to give us direction. Aim at getting together regularly. You’ll feel more grounded when you can bounce thoughts with friends that have your back.
  2. Embrace your inner sexy:  Look good and feel incredible just for yourself. Dare yourself to rock red lips on your next night out or wear that little black sexy dress or some sexy lingerie that boosts your confidence.
  3. Say goodbye to your insecurities: Make a list of your flaws and qualities. Read them, be honest with yourself and see how many of your flaws really hold up. Maybe your insecurities have been damaging your self-image aren’t really there. Cross those flaws out and gain more confidence in yourself.
  4. Do not settle for less: It’s better to be alone than to be in a bad relationship, for the sake of being in a relationship. Don’t be with someone who doesn’t appreciate your worth, who doesn’t make you feel like you’re a queen/king. Life’s too short to throw it away on people who do not appreciate you.
  5. Ditch the f*ckboys/girls: If you want to have a booty call, which is totally cool, do it on your terms.  Don’t let others assume you’re available anytime they like and make you feel like sh*t for it. You dictate the terms and you’ll feel a newborn confidence as a result.
  6. Most important – being single is not bad: Being single can be awesome, really! You can allocate every second of the day to your self. Do what you feel like without compromise. Stop putting pressure on yourself to find your ‘soulmate’, because, sorry to break it to you, there’s no such thing. Make being single a time you invest in your self, exploring who you are, taking trips to places you always want to see, becoming more of a whole person. It’s only then that you’ll find your match because you know who you are and who will best suit you.


Let 2018 be a year where you are true to yourself and dating becomes more about pursuing relationships not for the sake of being in a relationship, but for being in them because they make you a better person and bring the best in you.