One of the most frustrating situations anyone can be in when dating is wondering if the guy you’re into, is into you too. Initially, you excuse his less than eager behaviour with logical explanations like “He’s probably busy” or ” He’s shy”. Soon enough these excuses will feel old. Sometimes it’s just as important to know when someone is into you as when they are not into you. It’ll save you time, energy and heartbreak.  Girl, you need someone who is into you and not around you.

Here are the 6 signs he is just not into you.

1. Doesn’t answer your texts

You send him a cute text message only to see he’s read it and not replied. Torture! Sure, we all get busy from time to time but leaving you hagging for hours without an answer, it’s not cool. He can’t be bothered and he’s just not that into you.

2. You talk  to guys on dating apps way more

This is an obvious sign that the guy you’re into, is not into you. When your match-up dates are sending you way more messages than the guy you’re pursuing. Yep, you have a problem, the guy you dig is not the slightest interested. Just go on a date with your ‘perfect match’ on that dating app because at least the guy who’s been texting you has things in common with you and has invested time in texting you back. Unlike the douchebag who can’t be bothered to text you back.

3. He keeps you hanging forEVER

Days go by and you haven’t heard from him. Then one odd morning you get a text from him or he’s liked your Instagram pic. Uhmm, don’t let yourself be fooled, sounds like his other plans fell through or he’s bored and you are his last option. If he’s really into you, he will text or call you at least once every day.

4. His phone is constantly face down on the table

Yeah, it’s bugging you that he has his phone face down on the table or puts it in his pocket as though he’s trying to hide something from you. You’re right, your gut feeling never lies. This is a dodgy move and he’s just not that much into you and is keeping his options open for ‘better’ opportunities.

5. He’s a very flakey person

He’s as slippery as Teflon, you can’t get him to commit to a date and if you do he’s likely to cancel it last minute. He’s just not willing to invest time and effort with you. Plain and simple, you should be thinking “NEXT”.

6. He won’t meet your friends

Meeting your friends is just not on his agenda because he’s just not that into you. He has no interest in you why waste energy on anything that interests you, like your friends.

Stop wasting your time with someone who has no desire or time to invest in you. You deserve someone who invests as much time as you do on them, any less you are in a dead end situation. Ditch the douchebag and move on because he’s blocking your opportunity to meet someone who will adore you.