Everyone has a preconceived idea of how a first date should end. There are people who think you should wait for more than the one date to have sex with someone, others jump in on the first date. The reality is having sex on the first date is actually not such a bad idea.

The old-fashioned code of ‘wait till the third date’ is an archaic notion, not suited to today’s dating world.

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Let’s be realistic, why date? Is it not to find a new partner you want to be intimate with? Of course, there are also all the other relationship factors, but sexual compatibility is a big deal. In many cases, it’s the deal breaker when libidos and compatibility are out of sync.

So why not find out straight from the beginning if you have matching libidos, or are truly compatible? That said, this should also not be the rule of thumb, do and act the way that you feel more comfortable. If sleeping with your new date on the first date is something you are comfortable doing, then just do so. If not, go at your own pace. In dating, there is no one-fits-all approach.

If your date ends in a healthy romp, here are 6 reasons why first date sex is a good idea:

1. Find out what you are working with

Now that you know your new date is funny and likes a lot of things you do. Let’s find out if you are compatible in the bedroom.
Yes, sometimes your first intimate encounter is not the best, but at least you get some idea what to work with. Absolutely go for second and third rounds and if there was no improvement and your buttons haven’t been pressed the way you like it. Time to make a few reassessments.

2. Check their boudoir

There so much you can learn about your first date just by walking into their bedroom. Are they messy or tidy? Do they have good taste in furniture and home decor? Do they have a nice bathroom with nice shampoo and a clean toothbrush just for you? How about snacks, yeah, after a good roll in the hay you are going to get hungry. All of these small but important details matter. Did you find yourself a keeper?

3. Moment of truth

First dates can be really awkward. Once you get naked and all the truth lays there for all to see, you can finally relax and just be yourself. And if they didn’t run the moment they saw you naked means they like you through and through. Since you are both letting your guards down, it’s a great time to judge whether you like this person for who they really are.

4. Drop the game

The good thing about getting intimate on your first date is that all the ‘courting’ games come to an end. The weird, awkward phase is out of the way and you are comfortable being naked. With the games out of the way, the subsequent meets will only get better. If both of you had fun, you might have found someone for a possible relationship or a f*ck buddy. Either way, it’s you’re winning.

5. Sometimes it blows in your face

Sometimes, you have to deal all too soon with the inevitable incompatibility. Hard but better early than numerous dates later. Ghosting is a modern dating thing that unfortunately happens. These people make you wait and make you doubt yourself, but the flip side to this is – at least you know they are not the ones for you.

6. It’s good for your health

Sex feels good and is good for you. So don’t beat yourself about it. Whether you had sex on a first date or a few dates later, making yourself feel good is nothing to feel ashamed of.


No matter how it all turns out in the long run, what matters is that you wanted to do this in the first place. Being intimate with someone on the first date is definitely a good idea.