Prepping for your Valentine’s date can be the hardest thing you do. Whether you’re hesitant or have been dying to take that person out for a date, you’ll never feel quite prepared. Like anything, dating gets better the more you do it. Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner here are 10 tips on prepping for your Valentine’s date.

1.Get over the panic motions

Better before rather than during your date. Yes, you are going to panic because ‘brains’. You are going to second guess yourself at every step, ‘what if’… Once you realise that you just can’t preempt everything then you become more practical and start going through the steps you need to make yourself look irresistible.

2. Check your date on social media

A bit of research or stalking, depending on how you look at it, will help you get a bit of an idea of what your date is into. It’ll give you a good grasp of what they like to talk about, the movies they like to watch and the food they like to eat. Or you could leave it to the element of surprise.

3. Wear your best underwear

Not saying that you’re going to get lucky, but if you do, you were prepared. If not, knowing that you have great underwear on will make you feel good and boost your confidence.

4. Groom yourself

Turn up looking your best. Don’t show up with unsightly bodily hair, bleeding scab, shirt stain or smudged makeup making you feel self-conscious. Shave areas that you want to be shaven, deodorise and brush your hair. This is a date and for better chances at acing it, smell good and look good.

5. Brush your teeth

Shouldn’t even need mentioning. Your smile can win hearts. You never know you might score a pash but if you have a residue of garlic or yellow grimy teeth, your date is going to RUN.

6.  Wear something sexy

Word of caution, sexy absolutely, but not too tight or risk suffering a wardrobe malfunction and watch your bum crack pop.  Yeah, hopefully, you have something that can cover that up. Wear something sexy but also comfortable.

7. Social lubrication – have a little to loosen up

Your nerves need a little soothing, so have a drink before your date. Think how much better conversation flows when you’ve had a drink, skip the awkwardness and start strong. But keep to one drink because you don’t want to come across as a drunk-slob.

8. Get everything out of your system

Sometimes nerves just get you so wind up that your whole system gets blocked up. Then is best that you get everything out of your system before your date. Yeah, yeah, it’s all natural but it still remains awkward to be absent for longer than 10 minutes while your date waits. If you can, get matters sorted before you leave to your date.

9. Turn off notification alerts on your phone

Aside from it being distracting, it is plain rude to keep looking at your phone. Answer a call or worse get caught swiping right on your phone. Want to impress your date give them your undivided attention.

10. Keep some hard cash on you

Be prepared for anything. Really anything, even paying with cold, hard cash. Do not utter “I’ve only got my card’  you are going to look like an a-hole.

Now have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.