There are qualities a woman looks for in a man that has nothing to do with how much taller or buff he is than other men. These are enticing qualities but certainly not the only attributes women look for in men. Here are the 10 desirable qualities women look for in men. If you have these qualities do not hesitate to show them off.

1. Initiate things

Be ready to initiate things in bed and outside. Make plans to take her out,  keep her guessing and have her wondering what else you have up your sleeve. Be enthusiastic about your time together by planning your dates and make them exciting and memorable. Be sure to include her likes in the planning too. Show genuine interest in her work, hobbies, and her life goals.

2. Be confident

There’s nothing that oozes more sex appeal than confidence. When a man knows how to handle himself in any situation, women feel secure around them. Women like to be with a man who appears to be able to handle almost any situation that arises with composure, suaveness and candour.

3. Be committed

Show you are committed to her. When you are with her, be present and shower her with attention. So, watch that wondering eye in public and don’t comment on your ex’s social media or exchange texts with old flames. Creating the illusion or displaying the likelihood of straying will lead to her behaving similarly and not trusting you.

4. Keep your promises

Women want to depend on you, they want to count on you. If you make plans with her, keep them. Do not ditch her as soon as your friends make other plans and forget about your plans with her. If there is something that came up, do ring her or get her in the loop and make alternative plans. Women understand that you like to spend time with your friends, what they do not appreciate is to be rudely pushed over without consideration.

5. Be mysterious

Do not divulge everything about you, be a bit mysterious. Who doesn’t like to solve a good mystery? Want to keep her interested, have her do some guesswork. There’s a challenge in trying to figure you out and women like a bit of a challenge. As the relationship mature, keep the mystery going on planning surprise dates or surprise gifts on special occasions.

6. Be generous

Women adore it when men are generous. Generous with gifts and time. Giving gifts is wonderful but giving your time to her, means so much more. Spending time with her is the true show that she comes first in your life.

7.  Be kind

There is a stark difference between being kind and being a wimp. A man needs to be bold, tough and fierce, this is true in the world of business, but not in the bedroom. A man who treats his lady with kindness, who treats her right is highly desirable to women. Be the fierce lion in the world out there but with her, be her Knight in shining armour .

8. Show your parenting qualities

Women are always projecting, thinking ahead. Exhibit your potential to be a good husband and a good dad. Qualities like patience, compassion and playfulness are going to grab her attention. These are qualities that will meet her needs and later if you end up in a committed relationship, the needs of your offspring. The way you interact with other people’s kids or even pets will send her messages of the future potential ‘father’ you could be.

9. Have hobbies

Women like a man who has a broad knowledge of the world. Introduce them to a new world they wouldn’t experience on their own. Teach them about camping, surfing, woodwork, any of your passions. Of course, try to gauge her interest, if she seems interested, continue, but tread with caution, don’t overwhelm her with too much too soon. Keep it light and fluffy to start with and don’t bore her to tears with too much jargon or details.

10. Sense of humour

This one is big.  Women love men who can make them laugh and who can laugh at themselves. Life’s too stressful and it sure doesn’t have to be intense around the clock.  Make her laugh. A man who can diffuse an uncomfortable situation is sexy and irresistible to women. In life and in a long relationship the ability to find humour or at least to laugh at a situation is essential for its survival.

Women find men who see the lighter side of life, who are compassionate, kind, confident, considerate and respectful of them and their priorities, the most irresistible and attractive. Yes, having a chiselled body and a gorgeous face are qualities that draw attention but are not sustainable to a long successful and happy relationship.